10-Trillion FPS Camera

Researchers at Caltech have developed a camera that is capable of capturing light at 10 trillion frames per second, making it the world’s fastest. This technology makes it possible to freeze time and capture video in slow motion. This new imaging technique, called T-CUP (Compressed Ultrafast Photography) can power a new generation of microscopes for biomedical, materials science, and other applications. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“At any rate the method allows for images – well, technically spatiotemporal datacubes – to be captured just 100 femtoseconds apart. That’s ten trillion per second, or it would be if they wanted to run it for that long, but there’s no storage array fast enough to write ten trillion datacubes per second to. So they can only keep it running for a handful of frames in a row for now – 25 during the experiment you see visualized here,” reports Tech Crunch.


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