Hydrogen Battery iPhone

British power technology firm Intelligent Energy has unveiled the world’s first hydrogen-powered iPhone 6 battery that uses patented technology to creates its own electricity by combining oxygen and hydrogen together. The prototype integrates a rechargeable fuel cell into your handset, without adding bulk, and boasts the capacity to charge it for about 7-days straight. Refueling is completed with hydrogen through the headphone jack. Unfortunately, it’s only compatible with the iPhone 6 for now. Continue reading to see how to make your own hydrogen fuel cells.

The Hydrogen-Oxygen Fuel Cell was designed and first demonstrated publicly by Bacon in the year 1959. It was used as a primary source of electrical energy in the Apollo space program. The cell runs continuously until the reactant’s supply is exhausted. This type of cell operates efficiently in the temperature range 343 K to 413 K and provides a potential of about 0.9 V.

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