Have you ever wondered just how much sugar is in your drinks and / or snacks, represented by actual cubes? Well, these images should answer most of your questions, and some of the results just may surprise you. Continue reading to see more.

5 Interesting facts:

  1. Most people add at least some ice to their fountain drinks. We figured in enough ice to account for 15% of the cup’s volume. Restaurants probably put in a lot more.
  2. You may be getting way more sugar than you think in your drink. A 20-ounce bottle of cola can have more sugar than three really big brownies! Sound good? Too much sugar can make you feel bad and is bad for your body.
  3. A bottle of fruit punch can have more sugar than four chocolate glazed doughnuts. Plus it may have only 5% or 10% real fruit juice. Other than that, it’s mostly water and high fructose corn syrup — a sugar your body doesn’t need. Make your own fruity drink with sparkling water and fruit chunks.
  4. For example, 100% orange juice has lots of vitamin C. But even though it can be healthy, 100% juice has a lot of sugar, too. A glass of orange juice usually has more sugar than 10 graham crackers. So don’t drink more than 1 cup or 8 ounces a day.
  5. You need fruit every day. The best way to get it is to eat real fruit. Juice can help you get your fruit for the day, but it can have too much sugar. Instead, eat 1 1/2 cups of fruit each day.

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