Called the Black Knight Transformer, this multicopter is essentially a remote-controlled machine which drives like a normal truck, but can also takes off and land like a helicopter. In the first recorded demonstration, the eight rotor blades are sprung out for take off, enabling the machine to cruise at up to 150mph in the air. The blades then fold back in while the truck is used for off-road driving. Continue reading for a video and more information.

According to The Daily Mail, “The transformer was built as part of a U.S. military desire for a multi-mission medical and casualty evacuation unmanned air vehicle/unmanned ground vehicle. An American government study on medical evacuation concluded that the use of robots in military missions would allow for casualty evacuations in areas and times that manned platforms should not operate in, such as ‘zero-zero’ weather and contaminated environments. Once the Black Knight reaches its target, its also possible for the controls to be switched and for it to be driven by a human.”