Motoped Motorized Bicycle

At first glance, this may look like a dirt bike, but it’s just the awesome Motoped conversion kit by Cam Woods. This basically converts a normal 2-wheeled bicycle into a gas-powered, off-road vehicle. You’ll need a Honda 50-190cc motor, along with forks, wheels, tires, a rear shock, brakes, tank, seat, plastics and throttle, etc., but the kit itself is quite extensive, and for $1,000, you get everything from the frame to swing arm, sprockets and exhaust. Continue reading for three more videos and additional information.

“Woods started Motoped with the intent of creating a motorized bike that would run on a Honda XR50 engine. The fuel-sipping engine settled in Woods’ mind for a few reasons. First, it has been used for decades and has plenty of aftermarket upgrades available. Second, it�s been copied to no end by numerous Chinese companies that have done many things with displacement and design, but who have all largely kept the same mounting structure. If one were so inclined, he could fit a 124cc Takegawa engine and really give the bike some kick,” according to Motorcycle USA.