Bobtail Squid

This is not a Pokemon, just the beautiful bobtail squid, which also repels flesh-eating bacteria. This creature accumulates bioluminescent bacteria along its underbelly that inhabits a light organ in the squid’s mantle, camouflaging it in certain lighting, thus in return feeding on a sugar and amino acids mixture. Believe it or not, they aren’t born with this bacteria, but attracts and gathers the said bacteria as it swims around. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Scientists know that V. fischeri have a receptor that allows them to sense short- or mid-chain fatty acids, a component of cellular membranes which play a part in the attraction to the Bobtail squid. This particular bacteria also happens to be related to Vibrioi cholera (the bacteria that causes cholera) and Vibrio vulnificus (the bacteria that causes necrotizing fasciitis). By utilizing knowledge about these receptors, there may be a way to repel these bacteria rather than attract them. Theoretically, this research could provide a means to preventing infection by this bacteria strain in hospitals,” according to My Modern Met.

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