Sky Walk Dolni

Photo credit: Jakub Skokan, Martin Tuma / Boysplaynice

At first, this structure in the Dolni Morava forest (Czech Republic) could be mistaken for a roller coaster, but it’s actually just the towering “Sky Walk” structure, designed by Franek Architects. Featuring constantly-changing 360° views of the beautiful landscape and even a 330-foot long stainless steel slide with windows that weaves its way down one of the columns. Believe it or not, nearly all of the structure was built mostly by hand on-site, and not pre-fabricated, with workers having to climb the structure as it rose up. Continue reading for a video walkthrough and more information.

“We have to say that constructing the sky walk was a unique experience and that it literally meant a path of courage and self-knowledge to us. So far, we have worked on various challenges and we thought that this one would be like the others, but we soon found out that the sky walk was the real thing. We found ourselves in a completely different situation, having to build at a height of 1,185-meters above sea level in a difficult terrain to where all of the materials and equipment had to be transported…another obstacle we had to face was changeable weather. Down in the valley the sun shone so intensely that you could walk about in just your t-shirt, but up there it was cold with strong gusts of wind that made construction work even more difficult,” said architect Zdenek Franek.