Olympus Air Pistol Grip

Photo credit: DMM Make via Peta Pixel

The Olympus Air looks like a simple camera lens, but it’s actually an all-in-one camera that works in conjunction with smart devices via a companion app. One fan has created the Open Platform Grip, a 3D printed pistol-style grip that lets you shoot to take pictures, literally. It’s more than just looks, as the aim of this project is to help photographers aim and frame shots without having to look at any display when using the viewfinder-less Olympus Air. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

“You can even add a tactical sight to the top as a composition aid. The grip also allows you to carry your camera around on a gun holster-style attachment on a belt. This grip was given a special jury award at the OPC Hack & Make Awards 2015. If you own an Olympus Air and would like to print a grip for yourself, you can buy the files over at DMM.make,” said Peta Pixel.