Photo credit: Chris Zielecki

Vestmannaeyjar is a stunning archipelago off of the southern coast of Iceland, and within that archipelago is a small island known as Ellioaey. What sets this small island apart from the others is a single cabin situated right on the side. This may not seem that strange once you know that the island was once inhabited by five families that subsisted by fishing, hunting puffins, and raising cattle, approximately 300-years ago. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Bored Panda says, “By the 1930s, however, the last permanent inhabitants had left. Some speculated that the island had been donated to famous Icelandic singer Bjork (which it wasn’t), while others thought it was home to an eccentric billionaire (which it wasn’t). The pedestrian truth is that the cabin is a shelter and sauna for a local hunting association, which uses the cabin to hunt puffins on the island.”