At first glance, this may just look like a gold-wrapped Porsche GT3 RS, but in reality, it’s a very cleverly disguised bicycle. This was made by Hannes Langeder is a very proud owner of a GT3 RS Porsche and consists of plastic pipes, sticky tape and aluminum foil. It took Hannes 6 months, over 10,000 hours, and 13, 000 to euros to complete.

Currently the DIY Porsche is on display at the Museum of Art Linz in Austria, but Hannes did take it out for a spin on the street, where by law it is treated like a bicycle.

“The most impressive feature is its extreme slowness – everyone on the street is faster than you. You are no enemy to other road users and the slowness is a kind of luxury. Most car drivers need a second look before they realize it is technically a bicycle. Most of them are very enthusiastic and get their cameras out,” says Hannes.