Boston Dynamics SpotMini now has some competition, courtesy of ANYMal, developed by ETH Zurich Robotic Systems Lab researchers. In this newly released video, we see the torque-controlled, quadrupedal robot, equipped with a six degrees of freedom robotic arm, turn a handle, push a door open, and then proceed to walk through it. A human standing nearby pushes it around, but it stands up to the roughness like a champ. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Once you get past the door-opening sequence, the robot shows off how it can pick up trash and put it away in a bin. Anymal can also move around while holding a glass of water and not spill a drop. It then shows how it can help a human lift and move a box. Robotic Systems Lab is using the video to demonstrate a system called ALMA, which stands for Articulated Locomotion and Manipulation,” according to CNET.

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