Airship Hangar Indoor Waterpark

Originally used to house gigantic airships, this super-massive hangar has been given a second life as the world’s largest indoor tropical resort, which can be enjoyed in rain, shine or snow. Located in the countryside between Dresden and Berlin, the building was modified to bring in more natural light, and its huge doors were welded shut to maintain a comfortable 79° Fahrenheit temperature year round. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and additional information.

Tropical Islands Resort

For those who like numbers and facts, the roof is 70,000 square meters, while the indoor pool is the size of four Olympic sized pools. The south side of the building was stripped of its steel skin and replaced with a transparent film to let in daylight. A small tropical forest with 50,00 trees makes up one side, while a 9 story tall water slide, fake villages, and even a mock shoreline inhabits the other.


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