Solar-Powered Finolhu Villas

Yes, these over-water bungalows actually exist, and can be found at the Finolhu Villas resort on Kaafu Atoll in The Maldives. They were designed by Yuji Yamazaki to have as little impact as possible on the pristine and breathtaking environment that surrounds it. The 5-star resort is not only set on a 13-acre island, but is entirely solar-powered. The panels generate about a megawatt of energy per day, with excess stored for inclement weather. The island also boasts a desalination tank that yields a self-sufficient water supply. Continue reading for an aerial drone video of the resort, more pictures and additional information.

Finolhu Villas Club Med

“The central jetty houses 52 villas, which branch off towards the water much like vertebrae from a spine. The villas are endowed with 12-foot soaring ceilings that curve up like cresting waves and roofs that are covered with shingles to reflect local building traditions. The three-room villas are each equipped with a private beach and a private pool, with views that include either an unobstructed sunrise or sunset view each day. For those guests who tire of luxuriating in private, there is also a central restaurant, a bar and pool area, and an on-site spa and gym,” reports Inhabitat.