Tiger Stone Machine

Let’s face it, brick paving is a tiring and tedious job, but “Tiger-Stone” changes all that, as this machine features a slow release system that make the brick laying a breeze. Put simply, workers use small bulldozers to load material into the hopper of the “Tiger-Stone”, and then you only need to line up the bricks depending on the design of the road ordered. As long as there is a proper sand base and plenty of bricks, it can help workers lay up to 400-square-yards of brick road a day. Continue reading for more cool behind-the-scenes photos of everyday things.

10. Inside a Guitar

Inside a Guitar

9. Behind the Stage of a Theater

Behind a Theater

8. Underside of a Lilly Pad

Underside Lilly Pad

7. Tortoise Skeleton

Tortoise Skeleton

6. Modern Battleship Outside of Water

Battleship Outside Water

5. Tilt-Shift Photo of Rocket Leaving Earth’s Atmosphere

Rocket Leaving Earth

4. Blue Whale’s Blowhole

Blue Whale's Blowhole

3. Human Embryo on Needle Tip

Human Embryo Needle Tip

2. Inside of a Bank Vault Door

Inside Bank Vault Door

1. Interior of Leaning Tower of Pisa

Interior Leaning Tower Pisa



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