Time Machine Simluations Lifecycle Galaxy Cities Universe
Researchers have developed time machine simulations for the very first time that recreate the full lifecycle of large collections of ancient galaxies observed in the distant universe 11 billion years ago. This will help them study how the universe was shaped, directly reproducing the structures that researchers actually observe in the universe.

Time Machine Simluations Lifecycle Galaxy Cities Universe
Why is it called a time machine simulation? It’s because the light from the distant universe is only reaching Earth now, thus the galaxies that telescopes observe today are essentially a snapshot of the past. In this case, the researchers took snapshots of young”grandparent galaxies in the universe and then fast forwarded their age to see how clusters of galaxies would eventually form. Speaking of time machines, how about this Tesla Cybertruck DeLorean mashup? We’d definitely like to see this in a Back to the Future reboot or sequel.

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We wanted to try developing a full simulation of the real distant universe to see how structures started out and how they ended. It’s like finding an old black-and-white picture of your grandfather and creating a video of his life,” said Metin Ata, First author from the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe Project.

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