Since our first Top 10 Strangest Lego Creations list, we’ve come across several new Lego creations — so our editors have decided to put together a second installment for your enjoyment.

10. Lego Macintosh

This fully functional Lego Macintosh took months of hard work and nearly 500 blocks to complete. Since its mainly used as a web server, only the essential parts were included.[Source]

9. Rube Goldberg-ish Lego Machine

Team Hassenplug created this Lego Mindstorm/Technic “Rube Goldberg-ish bucket-brigade type contraption” that consists of seven modules, each with their own separate function. Two video clips after the jump.

“This simple interface should offer plenty of flexibility. The distance from the back of the module to the input/output must be no greater than 32 studs, because when this Great Ball Contraption is assembled, it may be located against a wall, and that will allow a uniform distance to/from the wall.”

8. Lego Chocolate Printer

Here’s a first: someone managed to create a functional “3D printer for chocolate” using Lego bricks. Demonstration after the jump.

There are only 3 controllable ports on the rcx brick i used, so one for x, one for y, and one for the extrusion control. you’d need to gang two rcx bricks to further control temperature and the z axis


7. Lego Brick Simon Game

Lego builder Philo recreated the classic Simon memory game using Mindstorms RCX programs and parts — featuring a custom built keyboard module, several motors, and a display module. It has four difficulty modes and even keeps track of high scores.[Source]

6. Robotic Lego Bartender

Lego bricks can be used to build just about anything, including this robotic bartender which was spotted at CeBIT 2006. [Source]

5. Lego Stair Climber

This stair climber robot — composed of a “central part”, rotating platform, six motors, bar lifting mechanism, steering cage, and light/touch/rotation sensors — can climb/descend four steps in 4 min. 13 seconds. [Source]

4. Lego Lie Detector

Here’s a first: Michael Gasperi has created a “Galvanic Skin Response Sensor” aka lie detector using Lego bricks. It’s made from an RCX control brick, foil-lined velcro strips, and 9V wire. Overall, this is a refreshing concept executed well.

“Gasperi’s lie detector works on the principal that people sweat more when they’re fibbing, so his device measures the skin’s electrical resistance of whomever’s getting grilled.”


3. Lego NES Case

If Nintendo came out with a Lego NES case, this would be it. Everything is 100% Lego – power/reset buttons, controller ports, LED light cover, and even the vents up top. One more picture here.[Source]

2. Lego Crossbow

A Lego builder decided to create this fully functional “semi-automatic pump-action Lego crossbow that took four blocks in the handle and one in the chamber” — along with 300 hours of work put in. It’s capable of firing a standard Lego brick 20 yards. One potential negative, the crossbow isn’t very accurate. Lots more pics after the jump.

One day I was making a simple little elastic gun to shoot Lego blocks and I thought to myself, ‘it would be cooler if it had some kind of trigger.’ The next thing I knew, I was involved in a competition with my own self


1. Hammerhead Lego CD Thrower

The “Hammerhead” — another Philo creation — can eject a CD disc at high speed, literally causing it to break on impact. This Lego device consists of “two main parts, the head that throws discs, and the tail which feeds the head with compact discs.” [Source]

Honorable Mention – Rolling Ball Lego Clock

Based on the original rolling ball clock by Idle Tyme Corporation, this Lego version is a bit more amusing to watch — complete with an RCX 1.0 and external supply to obtain longtime stability. Four video clips after the jump.

The clock works by using steel balls to indicate the exact time. The bottom rail represents the hours. The middle and upper rails are used to represent the minutes. An electric motor scoops up a ball every minute. Every five minutes, the top rail will dump and deposit a ball on the second rail. Every hour, the upper and middle rails dump and one ball is transferred to the bottom rail to increment the hours.

Honorable Mention -Lego PS3/XBox 360 Controllers

Master Lego builder Nathan Sawaya created these giant Playstation 3 and XBox 360 controllers. Unfortunately, they aren’t functional. [Source]

Weight Lifting Lego Machine

This weight lifting Lego machine is powered by two 47154 “Monkey” motors (each with separate RCX outputs) that deliver 1.1W of mechanical power. It’s capable of lifting 97 pound weights as you’ll see in the video clips. Watch after the jump.

The moving chassis has eight wheels driven by two motors. A second rotation sensor monitors distance travelled. The hard rubber tires are able to bear a heavy weight


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