This week our editors bring you the “Top 10 Strangest Mac Mods” that we’ve come across in recent time. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. Which ones are your favorites? [ShoutIt]

10. iMac MAME Cabinet

If nothing else, the ProtoMAME #5 is commendable for being a fully functional Mac-based arcade cabinet. This machine uses a flat-panel iMac that’s stuffed into a custom built cabinet. It features a mini-upright design along with a decent sound system – including woofers, speakers, and tweeters. [Source]

9. Vintage Mac Mini

A Japanese modder stuffed a Mac Mini into this old Macintosh SE/30 — complete with a grayscale monitor that uses the Mini’s DVI port. [Source]

8. Tiki Mac

Put simply, the Tiki Mac is one of the strangest mods we’ve ever come across, it looks as if it belongs on a tropical island. [Source]

7. Power Mac G4 Aquarium

Presenting the Apple Cube Aquarium Ver. 2. This person has managed to take a Power Mac G4 Cube and turn it into a fully functioning fish aquarium inspired by the original.[Source]

6. NecroMac

Looking more like a museum piece than a G3, the NecroMac took countless hours and lots of airbrushing to build.[Source]

5. Hummer H2 iBook

This person took an old RC car, created a custom deck up top, gave it a custom paint job, and than placed an iBook on there.

From the article: “Once done, I stuck my iBook on top of my RC car, powered up my iBook, and drove it around the house!”


4. Lego Macintosh

This fully functional Lego Macintosh took months of hard work and nearly 500 blocks to complete. Since its mainly used as a web server, only the essential parts were included.[Source]

3. Mac Mini NES

Underneath the shell, you’ll find a fully functional Mac Mini, DVD-Writer, and IDE to USB 2.0 circuitry. The power button turns off the Mini (or puts it in sleep mode), reset ejects the DVD tray, and both controller ports have an integrated circuit which allows any NES peripheral to be used with emulators. [Source]

2. Media Mac

One way to turn your 12-inch Powerbook into an entertainment center is by stuffing it inside a custom-built box. This creation includes eight salvaged Apple speakers, a “cheap” powered amp, and an iSight. [Source]

1. Millenium Falcon Mac Mini

The guys over at MacMod have managed to cram a Mac Mini into a $20 Millenium Falcon Toy. They also concealed an iSight camera into a gun port and added one extra USB port for the iPod Shuffle Source: [Source]

Honorable Mention – Mac Mini Tower

This tower basically supersizes your Mac Mini, adding speakers, USB/Firewire ports, and even a 15W subwoofer. [Source]