So, you’ve seen the strangest Lay’s flavors, Pepsi flavors, and Doritos flavors from around the world, now check out some of the weirdest food mashups ever. Just about everyone loves to eat, and here are ten ways to do it creatively, starting with a grilled cheese chocolate chip sandwich. Continue reading to see more.

10. Pickle Juice Popsicles

9. Soft Serve Ramen

8. Green Tea Dessert Spaghetti

7. Macaroni and Cheese Hot Dogs

6. English Breakfast Pizza

5. Fried Banana Eggrolls

4. Milk and Honey Ice Cream French Fries

3. Grilled Cheese Wasabi Sandwich

2. Chocolate-Coated Deep Fried Peeps Stuffed with Bacon

1. Nutella Bacon Strips

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