It’s the weekend, and for many, a hot summer weekend. There’s nothing better than ice cream to cool down on a hot day for geeks, extreme athletes, or just an average joe. We’ve rounded up ten of the weirdest flavors from around the world, for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all.

10. French Toast

People put ice cream on French toast, so why not put French toast flavor in ice cream? French toast ice cream has been featured as a Baskin and Robbins flavor of the month. With lots of “gooey maple bread pudding,” you’ll be sure to get your daily allotment of super sweet breakfast for dessert.

9. Candied Bacon

Curious to see what would result from marrying all his favorite ingredients together, The Perfect Scoop author David Lebovitz got to work combining bacon, eggs and a healthy dose of calories to produce this one-of-a-kind creation. After candying thick strips of bacon with a generous sprinkle of brown sugar.

8. Foie Gras and Caviar

Japan is still the king of weird ice cream flavors, but France isn’t far behind after gourmet ice cream maker Philippe Faur released the…foie gras and caviar ice cream!

7. Viagra

When we looked around the globe to see how ice cream varies in different countries, we found some funky – and sometimes frightening – flavors, like stinky durian fruit in Taiwan and a faux Viagra in Venezuela. Need a little assistance in the bedroom? Try this Viagra flavor, originally created by Italian entrepreneur Franco Corradi.

6. Curry Carrot

Not Eating Out In New York blogger Cathy Erway adapted this unique dish from a recipe she found in cookbook Asian Ice Cream for You and Your Kids. By putting a Western spin on the volume’s Japanese Curry Ice Cream recipe, she ended up with an icy concoction that combines heavy cream, milk, coconut milk, egg yolks, brown sugar, curry powder, a squirt of lemon or lime and shredded carrots.

5. Black Sesame

Japanese Black Sesame Ice Cream – Most impressed by the deep colour of the ice cream and the fact that it’s dusted with ground sesame seeds. The contrast of the strawberry Pocky stick was rather cute.

4. Horsemeat

To Western sensibilities, Basashi Ice’s Horsemeat ice cream is probably one of the flavor combinations most likely to make your stomach churn. And no, this is not a clever name for something that is actually very sweet. Horsemeat ice cream really has chopped up bits of horseflesh in it. If the ‘The Godfather’ had been made in Japan, Don Corleone could have just left a scoop of ice cream in the bed to make his threatening statement.

3. Secret Breakfast

…this flavor contains a wacky mix of bourbon and cornflakes. The most surprising part? It’s incredibly tasty. Other unique Slocombe flavors include cream cheese, sour cream, and peanut butter-curry.

2. Sweet Corn

The simple directions include simmering a whole corn cob in heavy cream and milk for 10 minutes before adding corn kernels, sugar, vanilla extract and egg yolk into a simmering pan; once the substance is suitably thickened, it’s chilled and loaded into an ice cream maker for the final transformation from veggie to dessert.

1. Sheep Intestines

Served up at Morelli’s, a shop inside the Harrod’s Food Hall in London, this ice cream comes complete with haggis, aka sheep innards sealed up like a sausage. Don’t worry, though. The intestines are blended throughout the ice cream — you won’t encounter any chunks. Feel better?

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