With all the iPad and iPhone HD (set to be announced at WWDC 2010) commotion lately, many Apple fans may have forgotten about the Mac Mini. To refresh your memory, we bring you the three coolest Mac Mini mods ever. Continue reading to see them all — image above via.

1. Mac Mini Pro

Apple has yet to unveil a Mac Pro-inspired Mac Mini model, but that hasn’t stopped Hanabusa from making his own version. The entire shell, including the vent covers, was hand crafted from aluminum. Unfortunately, there are no plans to make this shell available to the public.

2. LEGO Brick Mac Mini

Created by Strawberry Apple, this nifty mod transforms an otherwise plain Mac Mini into a giant red LEGO brick. Aesthetics aside, the computer remains unchanged inside, other than leaving the power button accessible.

3. Quadra7000 Mac Mini

Sure, it’s not the prettiest Mac Mini mod in this list, but the Quadra 7000 is most certainly the most retro-styled. It’s based on the Macintosh Quadra 700, which was released in 1991 and one of the first Apple computers to use the Motorola 68040 processor.

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