No geek’s gadget collection is complete without at least one cool custom guitar, and these five examples should definitely provide some ideas for your next DIY project. Continue reading to see them all.

1. Millennium Falcon Guitar

Geeks and music fans alike can’t resist a shiny new guitar, especially if it looks like a Millennium Falcon. Fortunately, this one isn’t for show and can actually be played.

2. Link Hylian Zelda Shield Guitar

Sure, this guitar may not be on the cutting edge of technology, but it does take the cake for being based on an actual The Legend of Zelda item, the Link Hylian shield to be exact.

3. LEGO Guitar

Though it may not be the first, or best looking LEGO guitar, this custom creation is a fully-functional electric model, complete with knobs and amplifier output.

4. Sword Guitar

It’s not everyday that you see a sword, much less one that can be used to play music. However, this geeky guitar is a beautiful showpiece that doubles as an instrument.

5. Gun Guitar

When is a gun, not just a weapon? When it’s been turned into a guitar. Unfortunately, the instrument is not very ergonomic, but when it looks this cool, comfort is just an afterthought.