Aside from the LEGO music sequencer, aircraft carrier, and Pac-Man arcade machine, these colorful bricks can be used to build just about anything you can think of. Continue reading to see five of the coolest homemade LEGO gadgets in the world.

1. Self-Parking Car

Parallel parking in real-life is hard enough, but creating a self-parking car using only LEGO parts (Mindstorms included) takes creativity to a whole new level. This creation uses “an ultrasonic sensor that detects the length of free spaces; then, when it detects enough space, it makes the necessary movements to park.”

2. ATM Machine

This LEGO ATM machine / change dispenser is definitely one of the coolest creations we’ve ever seen. It’s “built 100% from Lego parts plus a HiTechnic IRLink and a Codatex RFID sensor — the machine is programmed in Not eXactly C (NXC). Now if it can also be used as a cash register…

3. Standalone Rubik’s Cube Solver

This may not be the first LEGO-based Rubik’s Cube solver, but it’s definitely one of the only standalone units we’ve seen — others are connected to a computer, etc. Simply place the cube on the platform and the unit’s arm along with scanner will have it solved in minutes.

4. Toilet Paper Folder and Dispenser

Created by YouTube user “dayammerkid” and his UC Berkley colleagues, this toilet paper folder / dispenser is “made of LEGO Mindstorms, scissors, and some scrap metal; not only does it fold your paper for you, it also cuts.” Unfortunately, an iPod dock is not included.

5. Darth Vader MiniFig USB Drive

The Dark Side is strong with this USB drive, since it’s made from a real LEGO Darth Vader minifig after all. Simply pull his legs off, insert into a computer, and you have 2GB of storage for all your media. This fine example was crated by the talented crew at