For iPhone, iPod Touch owners who wanted an iPad, but weren’t able to purchase one this weekend (sold out, line too long, etc.), here are a few docks to hold you over. Whether it be the bread dock (above) or paper, you’ll find those and more after the break.

1. Bread

Alex Efimov wanted a unique iPhone dock, but didn’t feel like paying $30 or more at the store for one. So, he took an old piece of bread, preserved it, and carved out an opening for the sync cable as well as the device.

2. LEGO Star Wars

Who needs Darth Vader, when the guards have an iPhone to look up to, literally. With ROBATRON3000‘s invention, the “Apple iPhone simply clicks into place even when the USB cable is connected.” Unfortunately, The Force isn’t included.

3. Paper

Now here’s a cool iPhone dock that’s not only functionally, but can be made easily with just any sheet of paper, thanks to this PDF file. While it may look like a daunting task at first, the template can be folded in just minutes. Please be sure to check out the bonus video below as well.

4. Cheese

Yes, iPhone Saviour had to cut the cheese before it was able to be made into an iPhone dock. This creation was “set up to play a slide show of Christmas images including several downloaded from a free photo app called Santa’s Little Helpers.”

5. Dreamcast Controller

What could be cooler than owning a Dreamcast in pristine condition? Using an extra controller to create a functional iPhone dock. Sure, it may have taken some drilling amongst other time consuming tasks to complete, but it was certainly worth jayhauf‘s time.

Bonus iPhone Paper Dock Video

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