Most vending machines are boring, these are not. We’ve rounded up five of the coolest vending machines that actually exist out in the wild. They range from pizza made from scratch to soft serve ice cream. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Interactive

Just about anything you buy from this interactive vending machine would have some cool factor to it. It’s basically a vending machine that boasts a 65″ Full HD transparent display. The products behind the display can be seen through the glass, and you can simultaneously see high definition text, pictures, and Flash animations on the display.

4. Inside the Machine

Coffee may not be so *cool* by itself, but this nifty vending machine shows you the entire process from when you insert the money to it being freshly brewed inside the machine via closed circuit TV. Let’s just say you may go for seconds after watching this.

3. Draft Beer

There’s nothing like a nice cold beer on a hot summer day (or cold winter’s night), and this vending machine just makes getting one a lot easier when you’re out and about. Best of all, it’s not the canned variety, but rather fresh draft.

2. Ice Cream

Not just any ice cream vending machine, this one from DENSO makes use of a 5-axis articulated robot that serves up your dairy treat nice and fresh. Simply purchase a RoboFusion card, swipe it, select your robot, and design the 5-layer treat.

1. Pizza from Scratch

Sure, there are other vending machines out there that heat up a frozen pizza in minutes, but this one actually makes each pie from scratch, starting with the dough. While the marinara sauce may not be freshly made, this sure beats anything that comes from the supermarket.