Valentine’s Day may still be months away, but it’s never too early for single geeks to start looking for that special someone, or else they may end up buying one of these ten funny gadgets / accessories. Continue reading to see more.

5. Cardboard Cutout

Still don’t have a significant other? Well, fear not, you know those cardboard cutouts that adorn theme parks and / or street side attractions? They can also be taken to bed with you, and will not talk back nor kick you out for snoring too loud.

3. Self-Portrait Arm

Taking pictures of yourself and posting them on Instagram is nothing out of the ordinary. However, when you’re traveling alone, and want people to think you’re not a lone warrior, this self-portrait arm is here to save the day.

3. Half-a-Man

Some people just like the feeling of being hugged / cuddled by others, and this “half-a-man” (or woman, depending on how you dress it), will allow you to do so on those cold, lonely winter nights. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to roast those marshmallows yourself.

2. Lightsaber Holder

You can’t really battle your other hand, so why not tie one to the tree and make lightsaber sounds yourself? That’s exactly what this rope-based contraption is made for, but unfortunately, it will most likely outlast you in a battle too.

1. Virtual Girlfriend

The only thing that could be worth than fighting yourself, would be going on a date with a virtual girlfriend that resides within your computer or tablet. Not only would they be forbidden from movie theaters, but once the power runs out, it’s game over, or at least for a few hours.

Honorable Mention – Microwave Meals for One

There’s nothing wrong with heating up a frozen dinner when you’re in a rush, but planning entire meals around the kitchen accessory is another. If you really are planning on buying this book, we highly recommend you visit your local farmers market and find someone else interested in this hobby, so at least it’ll be meals for two.

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