While not everyone drinks coffee, there’s nothing wrong with using one of these geeky tables for other things, like as a video game entertainment center. We’ve rounded up five of the geekiest for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Pinball Machine Coffee Table

When is a coffee table, not just a coffee table? When it doubles as a working pinball machine. In a nutshell, to build your own, you’ll need: a pinball machine, lumber, plywood, screws, staples, hot glue, tempered glass, aluminum stock, wood glue, and a few strings of LED Christmas lights.

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4. Train Set Coffee Table

Not just any train set, hobbyist Jaxan from Sacramento, California built an N Scale train set directly into his IKEA coffee table. When not in use, it slides directly underneath the glass top. Unfortunately, putting together something like this will require more than just the tools included with the table.


3. Millennium Falcon Coffee Table

At $1500, this eye-opening Millennium Falcon coffee table “is made from cold cast bronze with a retro wood grain veneer, tying it back to the design of the rest of the table and its wood base.” One item of note: “this particular table is shown as being ‘Sold’ on the R9 website, which makes me wonder if it’s a one-off piece, but I’m sincerely hoping it’s not.”

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2. PlayStation Controller Coffee Table

Mark M a friend of Overclocks.com.au member Phi built the creative PlayStation controller table you see above, and it just might take the crown of world’s geekiest. This table “took 20 weeks of on and off labor to finish and the result pretty much speaks for itself.” Here’s what the creator has to say: “I made the whole controller out of plywood, MDF and veneer on veneer. I used white gloss for the whole controller and the black gloss for the buttons.”

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1. Functional NES Controller Coffee Table

When is an NES controller, not just a video game accessory? When it’s transformed into a wooden coffee table while still retaining its functionality. That’s right, “this table fully functions as a Nintendo NES controller and can be used to play games with the glass removed. The cord is retractable from underneath.”

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