Our editors have compiled a list of the five most creative games that we’ve come across in recent time. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the entire list.

Honorable Mention – “Simmer Down Sprinter”

Designed by Steve Lambert, “Simmer Down Sprinter” is basically a bio-feedback controlled video game in which players “compete to calm down [relax].”

The more relaxed the player becomes, the faster the runner moves around the track. Essentially it is a game of competitive relaxation


5. 3D Video Game

Combining interactive art and gaming, xBlocks delivers a unique experience to say the least. It’s currently on display at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, Italy.

“Using standard game controllers, two opposing players must help their characters navigate in and around a three dimensional maze. The real challenge comes, not from traditional game mechanics but rather from moving with your character as he sprints around corners and jumps between the installation’s two play surfaces”


4. Kick Ass Kung Fu

Kick Ass Kung Fu is one of the most creative games we’ve come across — allowing full body interaction. Cameras record player movement and “superimpose a two-dimensional silhouette of them onto a computer screen”. It will make its debut in arcades and camera-equipped consoles. [Source]

3. Space Invaders 2006

Space Invaders 2006 puts a new twist on the classic game by taking buildings and transforming them into a virtual playing field. To control the ship, players move their body in a predefined space.

The invaders come out of the wall cracks and move down to the ground. The player has to move left or right to control the motion of the aircraft. Whenever the player jumps, the aircraft shoots out a bullet


2. Flashlight Pong

Display22 puts a new twist on the classic game of Pong by adding a new level of interactivity — using flashlights to control the paddles. The entire surface of the screen was fitted with light-tracking sensors to follow movement.

Concretely, Flashlight Pong should be playable in the input area on the display installed

1. You’re in Control

Created by the MIT Media Lab, You’re In Control is a urine-control system where “sensors in the back of a urinal detect the position of impact of a stream of urine, enabling the user to play interactive games on a screen mounted above the urinal”.

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