Invented by Nikola Tesla around 1891, the Tesla Coil is essentially a resonant transformer circuit that is used to product high voltage electricity. Continue reading to see the five most creative uses for these electric wonders.

1. Cooking Hot Dogs

Sure, you can always grill or microwave a hot dog, but what fun is that? If you’ve got a giant tesla coil laying around, there’s always the option of electrifying a few of them. The smoke flavor can always be added later, thanks to the liquid version sold at supermarkets.

2. Plasma Globe

RMCybernetics managed to convert a cordless drill into a handheld Tesla Coil, in which they use to cause “a nearby light bulb to light up as if it were a plasma globe”. Though not very practical, the ensuing creation is a sight to see nonetheless.

3. Fur Elise

Using a UM66T-19L melody generator chip, this person was able to hack an 18V mini tesla coil to play Beethoven’s Fur Elise, as you’ll see in the video. With just a little extra programming, it can play a variety of songs.

4. Speakers

Standing 7-feet tall each, these Tesla Coils — each assigned to MIDI channels — recreate the Mario Bros. theme with just sparks. Ok, they’re also connected via fiber optic link to a laptop computer running custom software.

5. Guitar Amp

ScopeBoy managed to modify a Tesla Coil for guitar amplification, all 250,000 volts. Though not very practical and dangerous, it puts on quite a show to say the least. Fortunately, this is only the beginning, as a Tesla Coil-powered harp may be in the works.