Your old NES system can be used for much more than just playing games, as you’ll see in this list. Examples include turning it into an alarm clock, DVD player, and more. Which one is your favorite?

5. NES Alarm Clock

This modder gutted his old NES and fitted it with a fully functional alarm clock. The buttons are wired to the console’s player 1 controller port (clock settings), reset button (snooze), and power button (alarm indicator). Lastly, he custom mounted an LED display behind the cartridge slot to display the time. [Source]

4. Lego NES Case

If Nintendo came out with a Lego NES case, this would be it. Everything is 100% Lego – power/reset buttons, controller ports, LED light cover, and even the vents up top. One more picture here.[Source]

3. NES DVD Player

Kotomi managed to fit a DVD player, complete with LCD, into an old NES case, complete with retractable DVD tray, infared receiver, functional remote control, and stereo/S-Video/RCA jacks


The Screen Savers! gives us a detailed look at this nifty NES PC. Beneath the plastic shell lies a 1GHz VIA C3 processor, 512MB of PC2100 memory, 20GB 5400RPM hard drive, Morex 90W PSU, and Panasonic Combo Drive. [Source]

1. NEStation

The NEStation is one of the most unique console mods we’ve ever come across. A French modder painted his NES completely black with blue accents, created a custom vertical stand, installed four blue LEDs, and than carved in a PS2-style logo on its side. [Source]

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