Now with the iPad Mini in Apple’s lineup, accessory manufacturers will begin to release things you probably don’t need, starting with the ridiculous iPad rocking chair above. This weird gadget comes with two 25W speakers, located on the backrest, and an electricity generator powered by the rocking motion. Continue reading to see more.

5. Shirt with Clear iPad Pocket

Unless you plan on being a walking billboard or entertainment center, this transparent pocket-equipped shirt should definitely not be on your short list this holiday season. However, this would’ve definitely come in handy during Halloween, especially if you wanted the faux 6-pack abs look.

4. iPad Steering Wheel Mount

If there weren’t already enough distractions in your car, this iPad steering wheel mount could quite possibly be one of the most dangerous accessories ever. On the bright side, this does make taking lunch breaks in your car much more enjoyable.

3. Baby Carrier Holder

Similar to a chest-worn baby carrier, the Asserto Protector lets iPad owners comfortably use their device while standing up. For those who don’t mind being laughed at, practical uses would include subway trains, busses, and even jobs that require you to stand.

2. iPad Pants

Want to become an easy target for thieves? Then pick up a pair of these iPad pants. Not only does the pocket not securely close, the top half of your iPad is completely exposed to the elements. Plus, if you plan on sitting down with your iPad in the back pocket, a broken display is almost guaranteed.

1. Tampon Case

Looking like a fool in public just got a lot easier, with this strange tampon iPad case. Even more shocking, the company actually released a bloodied version as well, for added embarrassment, in addition to the $25 you’ll have to shell out to get your hands on one.