You’ve probably seen this geeky room before, but for those who haven’t, this is the Batman suite at Eden Hotel in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. At $50 per night, guests can lounge on a Tumbler-themed couch, enjoy their favorite Dark Knight films while relaxing in the hot tub, or just taking selfies of themselves in hopes of going viral on social media. Continue reading for five more unique hotels from around the world that geeks would love.

5. Kolarbyn

Whether if you want to reenact an episode of Lord of the Flies, or just enjoy the back-to-nature vibe of these moss-covered huts, Kolarbyn in Sweden[s Berslagen Forest has you covered. These huts are based on the shelters that loggers used in the winter centuries ago, complete with the living by candlelight experience, cooking food over an open fire, and sleeping in sheepskin.

4. Seven Hotel

The Seven Hotel, located in Paris, offers Bond lovers worldwide a unique experience. Created by Agence Bastie, the room features golden toilets, a Turkish bath, mirrored ceiling, golden gun-lamp, 62-inch TV with the complete archive of Bond films, themed mini-bar, electronic safe and bathrobes. That’s not all, there’s even a 007 suit you can wear to complete the super spy look.

3. V8 Hotel

The V8 Hotel isn’t just a place with a couple of framed pictures on their walls, this place even includes a full-fledged museum next door. Featuring 34 different rooms – located outside of Germany’s sixth largest city, Stuttgart – there are 10 themed options, four single rooms, 19 double rooms, and a tower suite, which comes complete with its very own kitchen, sauna, and a private rooftop deck for partying with other gearheads.

2. Berggasthaus Aescher

Unlike other hotels, the Berggasthaus Aescher is basically a 170-year-old guest house built into a cliff in the Swiss Alps, situated right below the Ebenalp Cliff, the northernmost summit of the Appenzell Alps. While there’s no Wi-Fi or other high-tech gadgetry, the views will more than make up for it. There are three cozy rooms, but unfortunately, no real showers since the water comes direct from the mountain. Best of all, it is only a two-hour ride from Zurich.

1. Das Park Sewer Pipe Hotel

Officially named the Das Park Hotel, this eco-friendly, yet slightly strange, destination is located in Ottensheim, Austria. All of the 6.5-foot pipes features wall paintings by Austrian artist Thomas Latzel Ochoa. Amenities wise, they feature a small window to natural light in, a double-bed, storage space, and a charging station for your gadgets. To ensure you don’t stink up the place, there are shared toilets, showers, cafe, a minibar, and even a swimming pool. This hotel is “pay as you wish”, so guests pay exactly what they think their stay was worth.

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