You’d think someone with the skills to build any kind of machine would at least have it serve some function, but in the case of these 5 examples, that definitely isn’t true. They range from boxes that do nothing more than flick a switch back the other way, or even a robot that rolls forward a few inches before coming to a halt for the dumbest reason possible. Continue reading to see the five most useless machines ever invented.

5. The Switch

For times when you feel like your day can get no worse and want to take that to the next level, just start playing around with this box, whose sole purpose is to turn the switch back the other way if pushed. There’s abosolutely no other functionality.

4. The Switch Advanced Edition

So, you just saw “The Switch”, but if one switch just isn’t enough to make your day any worse, meet its advanced counterpart. There’s approximately 8 switches for you to play around with, and as a side note, this machine was made from an old broken printer.

3. Perpetual Useless

While it may look fancy with all its gears and all, rest assured that this machine is perpetually useless. Once set in motion, the gears are designed to rotate forever, unless manually stopped.

2. Versus

There’s no point in having two separate arms trying to turn off this switch, but when they’re both activated it’s quite a relaxing show to say the least. Of course if this could be made into an actual game, it wouldn’t be all that useless, would it?

1. Unplugger

If the name hasn’t given it away yet, this machine was built to unplug itself when turned on. No, it doesn’t sweep floors, retrieve items, or do anything else for that matter, just unplugs itself.