Classic games like Space Invaders never get old, they just keep getting better, as you’ll see shortly after the jump.

Playable Space Invaders Carpet

Janek Simon of Poland, created this playable Space Invaders carpet — powered by a PlayStation 2 “that projects the game onto the carpet via an overhead projector”.

Perfect for parties, as indicated by the pictures of youthful 20-somethings on the project’s home page, or for keeping you company while you sit alone in your room


Stop-Motion Space Invaders

Created by BitFlicks, this quasi stop-motion Space Invaders clip is quite impressive to say the least. Kotaku explains the stop-motion process:

What you can see is a very basic quasi-stop motion animation. Quasi because there was actually only one LEGO block involved, which was photographed in multiple positions and then composited in a photo editing program as a multi-layer image. Producing the animation was then a simple matter of masking the LEGO blocks and then hiding or displaying certain layers. The end result was a simple stop motion animation that didn’t suffer from the usual random variations in lighting and position

Space Invaders Played with Your Body

Douglas Edric Stanley created this nifty interactive installation that allows anyone to play the classic Space Invaders game, using their body.

Human Space Invaders

For those into real-life gaming, check this out: a group of students from Switzerland have recreated the classic game of Space Invaders, using real humans.

The installation was shot at last year’s Swiss’ Belluard festival, and you can attempt to read all about it in a language you will never understand at NotSoNoisy


Space Invaders 2006

Space Invaders 2006 puts a new twist on the classic game by taking buildings and transforming them into a virtual playing field. To control the ship, players move their body in a predefined space.

The invaders come out of the wall cracks and move down to the ground. The player has to move left or right to control the motion of the aircraft. Whenever the player jumps, the aircraft shoots out a bullet


Honorable Mention – Homemade LED Space Invaders Game

Created by Nico, this innovative device/controller recreates the classic Space Invaders game, using LED-shaped sprites.