We have seen the future of displays, and it’s E-Paper. Our editors have hand-picked five of the strangest (or coolest) E-Paper gadgets for your enjoyment. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the full list…

5. Flexible E-Paper Watch

The Spectrum SVRD001 features a stainless steel, bracelet design. It utlizes black and white flexible e-paper (Electrophoretic Display) to display the time. This watch weighs 134g and is 34mm thick. SEIKO has limited production to just 500 units and priced the watch at $2238 USD.[Source]

4. World’s Thinnest 2 Color E-Paper Display

Bridgestone has just unveiled the world’s thinnest 2 color e-paper display. The display is fully bendable and text/images will not distort due to its special ribbed structure. Practical applications include billboards, electronic books, and name tags. [via Source]

3. Flexible E-Paper SVGA Display

So you’ve seen FOLED, now check out the latest “flexible active matrix e-paper SVGA display” by PlasticLogic. This could be the future of newspapers, magazines, and other paper media.

Direct-write manufacturing techniques to achieve high resolution patterning on distorting substrates. Low processing temperatures allowing the use of flexible and low-cost plastic substrates

2. Chameleon E-Paper Carry Bag

Instead of limiting your bag to the same old design, Duck Image’s Chameleon uses e-paper technology to let users change the look at the push of a button. It can be hand carried or worn on your shoulder. In addition to switching designs, the dual function remote can also turn the EL on/off.

“E-paper is used as the main body. The elasticity that forms a tension is used as the major structure of design. The entire product is designed with simple lines and pure sewing to emphasize the change of the pattern.”


1. Philips READUS

The Philips READUS is “the world’s first prototype of a functional electronic-document reader that can unroll its display to a scale larger than the device itself.”

Using a bi-stable electrophoretic display effect from E Ink Corp., the display consumes little power and is easy to read, even in bright daylight. Once the user has finished reading, the display can be rolled back into the pocket-size(100 mm x 60 mm x 20 mm) device

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