Our editors have compiled a list of the five strangest iPod cases for your enjoyment. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. Which ones are your favorites? “Continue Reading” for the full list.

Honorable Mention – Ultimate iPod Case

If you’re looking for the ultimate iPod case, then check out this one. It features slots for just about every iPod produced– including the U2 special edition, two Nanos, and even a pair of DJ headphones.

“The only ones i’m missing is the 1G (back in 2001, in my oppinion 5GB was too limited) and the G3, the one with the four buttons above the clickwheel (the ugliest design of iPod), i never figured out why they came with that model.”


5. Louis Vuitton iPod Case

This might be the first iPod case that costs more than the player itself. The Louis Vuitton Classic Ipod Cover by Takashi Murakami features peach natural calf leather lining, golden brass pieces, and a multicolor canvas. Pricing has not yet been set but we expect it to retail at around $285+.

4. iKitty

You can’t get much stranger than the iKitty. This cat-inspired silicone case features a bendable tail and a screen protector to prevent those annoying scratches. [Source]

3. Fluffpod

Imagine putting your brand new iPod in one of these strange looking fur cases called “Fluffpod” — made from “super silky soft fluffpod signature fur” and lined with silky soft satin. One question, aren’t cases supposed to protect your iPod?

Two white leather boots on the bottom of the case keep your iPod secure, with room for the dock connector to be attached without sacrificing your iPod’s safety, or comfort.


2. Bulletproof iPod Case

A Japanese modder created this custom 5mm Aluminum A5052 case for his iPod — which can stop a 0.22 bullet — to prevent it from being crushed by the handrail on those busy subway trains.

The two halves of the case are held together with chunky M3 hex bolts. You’d certainly need some muscle to carry it: at 446gram, it is 2.5 times the weight of a new iPod Photo


1. YoTank Mililtary-Grade iPod Cases

YoTank introduces a new line of military-grade digital audio player cases that can withstand “a RPG or mortar shell explosion 85 percent of the time.” Cases are machined from solid blocks of aluminum and fit the iPod Nano/Video/Mini or Creative Zen Vision:M players. Prices start at $35, more info here. [Source]