Not all iPod’s are boring, check out our list of the “Top 5 Strangest (or Coolest) iPod Mods”. Which ones are your favorites?

5. iPod Nano Mame Cabinet

Scott, creator of the original iPod Nano MAME Cabinet, has followed up on that device with a Ms. Pac Man version, complete with artwork. More pics after the jump.

A mysterious geek known only as “Scott” has created a meticulously wee foamboard Ms. Pacman cabinet to house his MAME-enabled iPod Nano.


4. Wood iPod

This modder “took his iPod apart and carefully fabricated” a hand-made wooden case using a dremel.

…later adding a clear coat to it and reassembling it. I’ve seen wood iPod docks, but I think this is the best actual wood iPod to hit the scene so far


3. iPod Shuffle NES Controller

This follow up to the first NES controller MP3 player builds on the premise of that device, but uses an iPod Shuffle instead of a hack job. Aesthetically, everything has remained intact, other than the modified start/select buttons.

A brief description of the controls: Up/Down: Volume up/down. Right/Left: Track forward/backward. Select: contains a 3-way switch for continuous play, shuffle play, and off. Start: contains a switch for hold. A Button: play/pause. B Button: absolutely nothing


2. iPod DJ Mixer

So you’ve seen the Numark iDJ2, now check out this custom built “iPod DJ Mixer”.

The click wheel is smaller than a 12-inch analog. Actions on discs are almost same, but the size makes a big difference on usability. To be an iPod DJ, you gotta think about a new interactive controller to operate the players — combining the iPod’s interface as a module for a new DJ system.

[via Source]

1. Bulletproof iPod Photo

A Japanese modder created this custom 5mm Aluminum A5052 shell for his iPod Photo — which can stop a 0.22 bullet — to prevent it from being crushed by the handrail on those busy subway trains.

The two halves of the case are held together with chunky M3 hex bolts. You’d certainly need some muscle to carry it: at 446gram, it is 2.5 times the weight of a new iPod Photo


Honorable Mention – iPod Shuffle Altoids Case

Have a broken iPod Shuffle laying around? Why not put it to good use and make a stylish new Altoids case from it. You’ll need an Xacto knife, Altoids, broken Shuffle, pliers, glue, and a few hours of hacking. Instructions here.[Source]