Weird Bicycles

Bicycles aren’t usually associated weird or odd designs, but these five examples beg to differ. To start, we have the “Shoe Cycle” above, which is most certainly a step above other bicycles. Continue reading to see them all — inspired by Toxel.

1. Toilet Bicycle

The Toilet Bicycle could quite possibly be the weirdest we’ve ever come across. This person literally replaced the bike’s entire rear end with a full-sized toilet and then added wheels to finish things off. Though not practical, it’s sure to get more than a few glances and is also a great conversation piece.

2. Sideways Bicycle

Called the Sideways Bicycle, this weird transportation device will have bystanders guessing which way you’re headed. The rider “has front and rear steering system which makes it more maneuverable than the conventional single steer bicycles.”

3. Treadmill Bicycle

What do you get when you stick some handlebars and wheels onto a treadmill? The Treadmill Bike of course. This invention supposedly offers “the same fat burning benefits as a conventional treadmill without the expensive gym membership fees.”

4. Shoe Cycle

Don’t know what to do with all the old shoes you have laying around? Then it’s time to create your very own Shoe Cycle. Sure, it may not be fast, or even practical, but this bicycle will ensure you never make it anywhere on-time.

5. Conference Bicycle

What better way to have a meeting than having everyone sitting in a circle and cycling through town? That’s exactly what the Conference Bike lets you do. Simply put, this 7-person bicycle has one person steering while the others pedal.

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