These seven modders take creativity to the next level by giving new life to the Nintendo Gameboy. Which ones are your favorites? Continue reading for the list.

7. $25,000 Gold Gameboy

Not your ordinary GameBoy, this one has a screen lined with pave diamonds and a case made out of solid 18K gold. Plus, it comes in a blue leather briefcase — which holds your system, accessories, and games. Those with $25,000 to spare, can buy direct from Swiss Supply.

6. Original GameBoy Mouse

If you have an old broken GameBoy lying around why not make good use of it? Aaron Myradon decided to create the “Mouseboy”, a fully functional optical GameBoy mouse. The “A” and “B” keys act as the right/left click mouse buttons.

5. GameBoy Pocket ATAPI CD Player

If you’ve got an old GameBoy laying around, why not interface it to play CDs using an ATAPI CD-ROM drive from a computer.

Here’s what you need to build your own: A GameBoy (show track information), GameBoy cartridge, ATAPI drive, and a 12V power supply


4. “Game Man” – World’s Largest GameBoy

Created by Jeff, the “Game Man” stands over 3-feet tall, weighs 100-pounds, and is fully functional — with the built-in cartridge that is. In the end, he spent around $500 building this monster.[Source]

3. GameBoy Advance LEGO Robot

Charmed Labs introduces the Xport 2.0, a homebrew application for the Nintendo GameBoy Advance that plugs into the cartridge slot. Practical applications include robot competitions, custom sensor development, and force reflection/haptics.

…allows the Xport hardware to be tailored to your target application, and the 64 digital I/O signals provide programmable I/O for interfacing to practically any hardware device.


2. Tongue-Controlled GameBoy Advance SP

That’s right, Simmunity has created the world’s first tongue-controlled GameBoy Advance SP. This modified console is compatible with most titles, but “games which require multiple simultaneous button closures will require an assistant to help push extra buttons during play.” Here’s how it works:

…we added a new jack for the receiver input. This receiver processes signals from the tongue-touch keypad and, in this case, relays them to a second micro-controller computer chip inside the Game Boy, added by Simmunity, to decode the reciever signals and activate the Game Boy Advance SP buttons


1. PSPBoy

Created by “MOD SOUL”, this PSPBoy mockup gives us a glimpse at what might have been if Sony and Nintendo had partnered to develop a portable gaming system.

I’m going to put my Sony and PSP hating aside to just mention how freaking awesome this mod is. I mean come on, a PSP, inside of an older Gameboy, how awesome is that?