During Bruce Gernon’s flight to Bimini, he and his crew encountered strange clouds, a tunnel-shaped vortex of sorts – sides of which the plane’s wings scraped as they flew. All of the electronic / magnetic navigational instruments malfunctioned and the magnetic compass spun inexplicably. As they neared the end of the tunnel, they saw a dull grayish white for miles – no ocean, sky or horizon. After flying for 34-minutes – corroborated by every clock on board – they found themselves over Miami Beach, a flight that normally would have taken 75-minutes. Continue reading for a video and more information.

According to Electronicfog.com, “There are dozens of planes and boats that have been in this fog through out history. And there are dozens more that have crashed because it can induce spatial disorientation. Many have disappeared and some have even disintegrated. All of the people that have been in this fog thought they were traveling through the fog. Until Gernon’s theory, no one ever realized it is similar to Saint Elmo’s Fire; it attaches itself to the vessel and travels with it.”