PNY’s 240GB CS1211 Solid State Drive is perfect for turbocharging your computer, and it can be picked up for $59 shipped, this weekend only, originally $89.99. Upgrade your laptop or desktop computer and feel the difference with super-fast OS boot times and speedy application loads. Offering exceptional performance, up to 520MB/s seq. read and 310MB/s seq. write speeds. Product page. Continue reading for a boot-up speed test video and more information.

Tougher than an HDD, PNY SSDs are up to 30 times more robust and can better withstand, bumps, falls, and feature no moving parts – making it less likely to fail. PNY SSDs thrive and survive in extreme environments, high and low temperatures, high humidity, and the non-volatile NAND in the system enables the SSD to retain its memory in case of impact and shock if your computer ever falls or is dropped. More information.

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