Tweezers of Legend

Multi-tools are great for your everyday carry, but let’s face it, most are not aesthetically pleasing. “Tweezers of Legend” aims to break that tradition with a sword-shaped design that looks to be straight from a cartoon. They were originally made of stainless steel, but the company now offers it in titanium, as well as in a slew of new designs, like miniature lances and staves. How are they made? Wire electric discharge machining. “In this way wire electric discharge machining can cut metal vertically with high precision. This is the feature that is necessary to increase the accuracy of tweezers. The tip of the tweezers works by matching two flat faces. If there is only a slight distortion on that side, a gap will be formed and you will not be able to grab the thin hair. Tweezers of Legend made with wire electric discharge machining has high precision so that you can grasp the fibers of tissue paper,” said a company representative. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

“So they not only look badass, but should actually be better than regular tweezers as well. What’s not to like! Tweezers of Legend come in their own special case, and include a detachable key ring to allow you to take them everywhere with you and fight rogue hairs in style,” according to Oddity Central.

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