Uber Flying Car

Uber unveiled its newest flying car concept today at its second annual Elevate conference in Los Angeles, as the company aims to launch an aerial taxi service by 2023. This plane and helicopter hybrid boasts four retractable stacked rotors for lift, and afifth rotor on the tail to enable forward propulsion. If one fails, the others will continue operation to ensure a safe landing. Continue reading for one more picture and additional information.

Uber Flying Car

“These aircraft will be electrically powered, and Uber says they’ll fly at an elevation of 1,000 to 2,000 feet. The company envisions thousands of its flying taxis shuttling passengers between rooftop ‘skyports’ and landing sites in cities, each of which will be equipped to handle 200 takeoffs and landings every hour. The aircraft will be piloted by humans at first, but eventually will fly autonomously,” reports The Verge.


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