Ultimate Garden Backyard Swing
The playground swing in North America dates back to the early 1900s, where many were installed in public spaces for neighborhood children. By the middle of the century, the suburban playground became so popular that many households installed their own personal swing sets on their property. Rather than settle for a store bought version, inventor Colin Furze decided to build the ultimate garden swing. Read more for the build video and additional information.

Unlike typical playground swing sets, this one has a modular steel design with foot rests, handlebars, and then a giant weight on one end. Put simply, you’ll eventually be flipped upside down the higher you go. One a related note, did you know that the United States Patent and Trademark Office actually issued a patent in 2002 to a five-year-old boy who claimed to have invented swinging sideways as a new form of entertainment? If not, you’ll be glad (or not) to know that the patent was rescinded upon re-examination.

WOW World of Watersports Super Waterslide 25 x 6 Feet Giant Backyard Waterslide with Sprinkler | 20-2212
  • Zig-zag spray pattern sprinkler system runs the length of the slide for awesome water coverage for great sliding, connects easily to a water hose
  • Extra-thick, heavy-duty PVC, more than twice as thick as most lawn slides on the market
  • Super-slick embossed PVC so no need to add soap, 8 inch high side-wall pontoon to keep the sliders and the water on the slide
  • Comes with two 36"x24" sleds to soften the impact on the ground when sliding and for a more slippery ride
  • Customized connection system to connect as many slides together as you want, make your own 100-foot slide;