Real-f Hyper-Realistic Mask
Photo credit: The Verge / Reuters
Japan-based REAL-f Co. specializes in creating ultra-realistic face masks, and they don’t come cheap, with prices starting at roughly $2,650, but for good reason. These resin and plastic creations by company founder Osamu Kitagawa are the result of two years of development, translating facial data from high-quality photographs to 3D masks, right down to blood vessels in the eyes and fine skin wrinkles. REAL-f Co. receives about 100 orders a year, with some being used to train car software to learn about humans. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.

“REAL-f Co. says it would like to see the masks used in the future for medical purposes and developing humanoid robots at a lower cost. There’s also the obvious use case of using them to test and try to thwart security measures. A Japanese car company, for example, ordered a mask of a sleeping face in order to train its tech to detect when a driver nods off,” reports The Verge.