Guitendo NES Guitar

Photo credit: Rob Scallon
Musician Rob Scallon wanted to make a video that appealed to both guitar and video game fans. So, he asked Reverb, an online marketplace for musicians, to ship the craziest instrument they could find, and the “Guitendo” happened to be it. It’s made from an original Nintendo Entertainment System that was converted into a guitar and then made into a functional console of sorts capable of playing emulated games by Echo Canyon Guitar Co. Read more for another video about the guitar and additional information.

“The Standard model is a six string electric guitar with a fixed bridge, single humbucking or single coil pickup, and volume knob. It is available in right or left-handed configuration at no additional charge. After that, all options come at an additional price which must be determined on a per-order basis. We also make baritone and bass instruments, and can use other consoles (SNES/Famicom/Playstation/Sega/Etc.) as the donor body for the instrument,” said its creator.