Unidentified Flying Object Sun UFO
Photo credit: Reddit
UFO researcher Scott C. Waring has spent years sifting through images and data in search of conclusive evidence of intelligent extraterrestrials visiting planets in our solar system. His latest find is a possible unidentified flying object that is 25-times the size of the Earth jetting out of the Sun, possibly after a refueling trip. Sure, based on our knowledge, no material on Earth can withstand such heat, but anything is possible with craft from other star systems made from unknown materials. Read more for a video and additional information.

Another explanation could simply be sun mantle material being ejected, but that’s the case, it should be glowing and still burning to some degree, though it’s not. So Scott Waring believes there is a better chance of this black sphere being an alien ship or space station that was occupying a hollow space within the star and then exiting.

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I caught a giant black orb exiting our sun on SOHO images today. The images are actually from June 27, but are still seen as current for some unknown reason. The black sphere is over 25X the size of the earth and sits there for a few hours before it shoots away. This is certainly one of the biggest spheres seen near our sun in a while,” said a UFO hunter.

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