US Navy Directed Enenergy Weapon Iranian Drone
Marines aboard the U.S. Navy’s USS Boxer used a new directed energy weapon, called “MRZR LMADIS” (Light Marine Air Defense Integrated System) mounted on a Polaris MRZR vehicle to take down an Iranian drone that came within a thousand yards. It’s the “first known kill by a new generation of electronic warfare and directed energy weapons” by the US, according to USNI News. Read more for a video and additional information.

This directed energy weapon requires two vehicles, a “command node” and a “sensor node.” Both are equipped with radar sensors, cameras, radio frequency detectors and jammers. Once a threat is detected, the jammer is used to scramble the drone’s signals. The system has been tested out on land by ground forces, and just recently the U.S. Navy as well as Marines begun testing it o ships.