Shooting Down Drone

The FAA Reauthorization Act was passed on Wednesday by the U.S. Senate, and it gives authorities permission to shoot down recreational drones that are determined to be threats. “The Alliance for Drone Innovation is thrilled that House and Senate leadership worked tirelessly together and with input from industry to pass legislation that provides a long-term FAA authorization and reinforces the agency’s central role in regulating the National Airspace System. This bill confirms Congress’s intent to support the ongoing work to safely integrate drones into our airspace. We applaud the critical new tools that FAA will have to help ensure drones and traditional aircraft can safely share the skies,” said ADI Executive Director Jenny Rosenberg. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“In addition to renewing the funding of the FAA until 2023, the bill includes other provisions that are geared toward modernizing the country’s aviation laws. One of these updates gives the government the right to ‘disrupt,’ ‘exercise control,’ or ‘seize or otherwise confiscate’ drones that are determined to be ‘credible threats.’ In other words, authorities will be able to capture or shoot down your drone without a warrant,” reports Peta Pixel.

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