V-TEX Technology

Enviro-Cool has developed a rapid cooling technology called “V-Tex Vortex”, and using its “start stop rotational sequence”, the device is able to cool beverages from ambient temperature to 5°C in under 45-seconds. In other words, the technology is based on a cooling vortex that spins beverages round to chill it in seconds, enabling you to enjoy drinks straight from the market. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Creator Kelvin Hall says: “You go into a petrol station on a motorway and you’ve got three, four walls full of chillers with drinks and they’re so energy inefficient, they’re not really necessary, because those drinks don’t need to be stored cold, it’s just for convenience, so that was the original thinking behind it. The key to it is the way we mix the liquid. If you try and cool a drink very quickly then the outside’s going to freeze before the inside is cool. So you have to mix it in order to do that, but because a lot of drinks are carbonated, if you mix them when you open them they fizz.”

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