Video Rental Shop Basement
Just a few decades ago during the 1980s, video rental shops loaned out VHS and Betamax tapes of movies, although most stores dropped the latter when it lost the format war late in the decade. As time went on, video rental stores began renting DVDs and Blu-ray discs in the 2000s. One man just couldn’t find a local video rental shop, so he decided to build his own during lockdown. Yes, it comes complete with its own “OPEN” sign, shelves of DVD / VHS movies, and even an E.T. figure. Read more for a short video tour.

For those who either don’t remember or weren’t around at that time, these shops even rented VHS recorders if you didn’t have one. By mid-1985, there were at least 15,000 video rental shops, and various record, grocery, and drug stores also rented out VHS movies. One thing you may not have known is that grocery stores were the best place to rent tapes, as they cost as little as $0.49 and used as loss leaders to get customers in their stores.

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